Dr. Sherrill has spent years furthering his understanding and treatment of conditions that involve the feet. An estimated 75-80% of people have foot problems and the majority do not have foot pain. Foot imbalances create stress and strain on other areas of the body and can cause knee, hip and low back pain. Even neck pain and tension headaches can be related to structural problems of the foot.

We find that patients often do not understand the importance of the feet to the foundation and stability of the entire body. Dr. Sherrill employs a unique "whole person" approach in the treatment of his patients. He has a compelling understanding of the body's anatomy and thorough knowledge of how your symptoms may be related to structural problems. During your examination, Dr. Sherrill will evaluate your feet. In determining the underlying cause to the symptoms you experience, which may be your feet, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

Dr. Sherrill has a state of the art digital foot scanner that will help to analyze the arches of your feet and weight distribution when you are standing. Full weight bearing posture gives us the best idea of what types of stress your feet undergo and how this can relate to the symptoms you experience. If custom-made orthotics are indicated as a result of your examination, we can order them for you. There are many different types and styles of orthotics which will allow us to find the one that is best for your condition and the types of shoes you wear.

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