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Dr. Christian Sherrill

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

    April 1st, 2012 I found out I had a herniated disc. After going to our family doctor the only solutions offered were shots or surgery. After numerous doctor visits and therapy I was not getting any better and pain killers were on the rise. My family thought I would have this for the rest of my life until I came back to Chiropractic care – the turnaround has been great! Premier Chiropractic has given me back a near normal life without the worry of surgery or hospitalization."
    Clay, 48 y.o.
    When I came to Premier I was unable to walk. I had spent the past 5-6 years limiting everything I did to make sure I wasn’t standing too long. There were times I couldn’t stand to make meals and do dishes. Within one week I saw improvement, within a couple of weeks I was able to walk to the park and play with my kids. Now I am exercising regularly without pain! Thanks Premier!"
    Cyndi. 41 y.o.
    I suffered with chronic hip pain and headaches for years. Prior to treatment I had daily pain and discomfort which caused fatigue and irritability on a regular basis and it prevented me from participating in activities I used to enjoy. My pain has decreased, I have better mobility and my hip rarely hurts and I generally feel better. Along with Chiropractic care, Dr. Sherrill made custom orthotics for me and my feet, knees, hips and back are mostly free of aches and pains!"
    Kathy, 49 y.o.
    Because of my neck and back I get severe migraines and headaches for the past 15 years. I am a blackjack dealer and wrist pain makes my work very difficult. I have been to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Sherrill is hands down the best I have ever been to! Instead of just being another patient, I feel he actually cares if my condition is improving or not. I also appreciate his approach to adjustments, he always makes sure to adjust me in ways I am comfortable with. He recommends treatment based on my needs! Thank you Premier…"
    Erika, 31 y.o.
    "I have had scoliosis for 50+ years. I have seen many different doctors. Many wanted to prescribe pain pills or do invasive surgery. Some even suggested a steel rod down my back. Premier Chiropractic & Pilates has worked for me. Pilates has greatly improved my flexibility and orthotics have helped balance me from the ground up. Pilates and Chiropractic complement each other for success. I am PAIN FREE!!"
    Joan, 63 y.o.
    "I have had back pain for over 10 years and was unable to enjoy family outings like hikes and walks on the beach. At work I was unable to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time. Now I am 8 months pregnant and have been seeing Dr. Sherrill for my neck and back. I felt immediate relief! I can breathe now without feeling pain in my back. Dr. Sherrill is the best Chiropractor – he listened to my needs and has changed my life for the better."
    Cindy, 36 y.o.
    "I started chiropractic treatment after a car accident and am so glad I did! After the accident I had back issues and was not feeling like myself. Now I have more energy and feel my overall health has improved greatly! I also love the HydroMassage – it makes me so relaxed and I sleep better after using it. I love this place!"
    Sean, 41 y.o.
    "I have suffered from issues related to hip surgery as a child – lower back and neck pain. Over the past two decades I have learned to deal with or ignore the pain until it got increasingly worse a few years ago. Eventually I found out about Dr. Sherrill and discovered I could get some relief. My body feels more stable and I can go longer periods between adjustments. Stretches and strengthening exercises recommended by Dr. Sherrill are an added bonus that I believe make his awesome adjustments even more effective. The team and environment at Premier Chiropractic & Pilates is always upbeat and welcoming which makes every visit a great one!"
    Rachael, 34 y.o.
  • "I have had discomfort in my legs and kness for the last 5 years. Like many people I never thought to go to a chiropractor because I did not have a "back" problem. Dr. Sherrill deals with much more than back problems, he deals with health and wellness. I have been treated 4 times so far and the pain is virtually gone. The question I ask myself is "why did I wait so long?" I have saved several thousand dollars in traditional medical care and I feel great! What can I say, I love this man."
    Stephen C. 40 yo
  • "3 months ago I could not even sit through a movie due to my lower back pain. Last weekend my husband and I went to the movies and not until the next day did I realize my back did not hurt. I recommend anyone with back pain at least get a consultation with Dr. Sherrill."
    Mimi P. 52 yo
  • "I began receiving Chiropractic care after being injured at work. I had always been leery and anxious about going to a Chiropractor. The mere thought of the process gave me shivers. Despite my previous worry, Dr. Sherrill and Dr. Barrow gained my utmost trust and faith. Very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to, they made what could have been a scary and nerve-racking experience quite enjoyable."
    Stephanie, 22 y.o.
  • "I had pain in my neck, shoulders, hips, and back for 10 years. Over the last 4 years my physical activities have been altered due to increased pain. This led to weight gain and no longer being able to go on walks or bike rides with my husband. I was taking 3 advil per day before treatment; over the last 4 months I have only taken 8 advil!"
    Diana, 51 y.o.
  • "I had headaches during my senior year in high school. In my 30's I received chiropractic care for minor back pain. SInce 1990 I have used chiropractic as an important and significant part of my total health care. With the care I recieve from you I can manage my pain and keep a high level of mobility. Your program of adjustments and exercise is great! Thank you."
    Terry, 53 y.o.

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